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Metal Clay Tube Bezel $50

October 8 @ 11:00 am 2:00 pm

Metal Clay Tube Bezel

Use your metal clay skills to add another technique for setting stones prior to firing. Each method previously learned – embedding fine silver bezel cups or swirling syringe – present their own look. The metal clay tube bezel resembles the familiar fold-over edge sometimes shown in traditional sterling bezels. While a jewelry piece will not be made within class time, the complete bezel(s) we will construct can become elements for one or more future jewelry pieces since they can be stored unfired and indefinitely. To this purpose, CZs of preferred color and size should be selected ahead of the class to give you time to think about this aspect. This bezel type takes more time to prepare, but the result is definitely worth the effort!

Note: All materials and tools for classes must be purchased at Beadoholique Bead Shop. This allows us to continue providing you with quality classes.

Supplies & Tools:
Please check off each item carefully and bring
everything listed to class.

Silver clay*
Syringe clay (repairs)
Cool Slip*
Slik or ClayMate*
Misting bottle* with distilled water
CZs* (minimum of 2) sizes 4mm through 6mm
Work surace*
Tuff cards*
Thickness card frames* or slats
Flat coil roller (snake roller)*
CoolTools bezel template OR calibrated hole
punches* OR any circle template* that has small
circles with diameters of 3mm to 12mm and is
preferably no greater than 1-2mm thick itself.
Thinner templates usually increasecutting accuracy.
Ultra pick, beading awl*, or similar tool
Water dish
Medium pointed smoothing brush*
Silicone clay shaper tools*

Sharp Xacto knife*
Sanding sticks, coarse-medium-fine
Optional: polishing papers are great for getting a
super-smooth finish. The more you can do before
firing, the better.
Alcohol** and a cotton swab** to clean CZs before
storing the bezel setting
Medium to large brush dedicated to brushing
away debris
Small jewelry storage bags**/box

*May be purchased at the bead shop
**Provided for your use during class
Techniques Used: Metal Clay Bezels

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Prerequisite:  Prior metal clay class

Instructor: Shauna

Three ways to sign up:
Click here
Send me an email
Give me a call at 832-674-9005

Please Note: 

1. Classes will begin on time! All students must arrive early for class. Even if you have already purchased supplies for the class, it takes time for everyone to set up and settle in. Students arriving late will need to re-schedule. Please be respectful of others by arriving early for class.

2. All beads, materials, and tools are available for purchase at the bead shop. We appreciate you purchasing materials and tools at the bead shop so that we may continue offering you the best classes around.

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