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Faux Bone and Silver Pendant $100

June 29 @ 11:00 am 4:00 pm

Faux Bone and Silver Pendant

See the Alone Star Jewelry blog for upcoming details and information for supplies and techniques for this class. You’ll be glad you did!

Multimedia art is nothing but fun to create, and faux bone puts a little magic into the mix. Cut, carve, score, drill, file and form it, then bring a piece to life with color and other accents. Or, tone down color and explore the material’s quality for creating a primitive look. Less can be more! Faux bone is non-toxic and also tough: the flex shaft rotary tool becomes your friend as does a sharp Xacto knife, files, and sandpaper. Fabricate a riveted sterling silver collar with bail (beginner), or a sterling cap with bail (intermediate/advanced-see the blog post). 

Other additions include adding faceted stones or cabochons, beads, wire constructions, mysterious holes and symbols…Ideas for shapes will be supplied via the ASJ blog. Subject matter can be representational as with the owl (see blog post), flower, etc., or non-representational as in surface textures, patterns and colors. 

Alone Star Jewelry blog: www.alonestarjewelry.com

The kit for the class will be added to your ticket on the day of class.

Note: All materials and tools for classes must be purchased at Beadoholique Bead Shop. This allows us to continue providing you with quality classes.

Materials to purchase day of class:
The shop will provide pickle solution, tongs, and
LOS for patina, instructor’s drill press, and 3 flex
shafts are available for use. You will need to bring
your own burs, sanders, etc., for use in flex shaft.
Kit includes:
-Faux bone, 8″x8″ sheet
-Heavy-duty saw blades made for faux bone
-Forming tool (deburring tool) (some of you may
already have purchased)
-Pre-made rivets
-Sterling silver sheet
-3 inches 14g round sterling wire
-6 inches 26g round sterling wire
Assorted beads:
-2 to 3mm CZs (1-3 count)
-5 to 10mm cabochons (1-2 count)
-Bezel cups to match stones
-Bezel wire (for intermediate to advanced levels)

Color decoration: (see blog link above)
Small bowl for alcohol
Small paint tray, at least 6 wells
Small-to-medium soft paint brushes, one for each
color of alcohol ink (see blog)
One all-purpose stiff bristle brush (see blog)
Water jug for cleaning brushes
Alcohol inks (see blog)
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
Spray bottle with water
Acrylic paint, black
Prismacolor pencils (see blog)
Shoe polish (see blog)

TOOLS for forming and decorating: *optional
Bench pin with clamp
Saw and blades (size 00 up to 4×0)
Saw blade lube
Placemat work surface
Sandpapers, wet/dry> @ Grits 320, 400, 600
Sandpaper, coarse, dry 220-240 grit
Round files
Triangle file
Large flat file (#0, #2 recommended)
Small hand files
Xacto knife and extra blades
Sharp pick tool
Burs for rotary tool (see blog)
Separating disks, 1-2 (see blog)
Drill bits, various sizes (see blog)
Setting bur that fits the bezel cup of your stones
Liner tool* (see blog)
Shot plate / heavy stamping hammer / small steel dapping tools*

Steel block
Riveting hammer
Texturing hammer(s)
Ball peen hammer*
Embossing hammer*
Utility hammer
Small rawhide/nylon mallet
Wire cutters
-Flat nose
-Chain nose
-Round nose
Divot punch (center punch), manual
Hand vise
Bezel pusher

Intermediate/Advanced: Bring all soldering tools
and supplies if you want to add metal decorations
to the bail attachment.

Other tools and supplies:
Old credit card or hotel key for making riveting spaces
Other polishing tools (pumice wheels, discs, etc.)
2-part epoxy and toothpicks, with cards or papers for
mixing on
Bead tweezers
Ruler, pencil, eraser, paper, scissors, fine Sharpie
Techniques Used: Faux bone,

Skill Level:  Beginner to Advanced

Prerequisite: Metalworking experience
preferred, but not required

Instructor: Shauna

Three ways to sign up:
Click here
Send me an email
Give me a call at 832-674-9005